Your first step
to data-driven controlled environment agriculture

Our Goal

With over 40 years of expertise in the controlled environment agriculture sector and proficiency in data-driven growing solutions, our company is dedicated to offering comprehensive support. Our objective is to enhance your return on investment through data-guided strategies, collaborating with nature, and promoting sustainable practices.


Nature is our driving force. Sustainability is our focus.

Experience and feelings are converted to robust decision making via the usage of data.


By following the latest development in the sector we strive to maximize Water, Energy and Resourses Use Efficiency.

Sustainability not only contributes to environmental responsibility but also serves as a catalyst for revenue growth. Our primary focus revolves around simultaneously enhancing production and quality while strategically reducing costs, ultimately leading to the maximization of Return on Investment (ROI).


What we offer

Step 1

We invite you to schedule a meeting or on-site visit to delve into discussions about the specific areas you aim to further develop within your CEA facility (Greenhouse or Vertical Farm). This personalized session will allow us to understand your unique needs and collaborate on tailored solutions.

Step 2

After engaging in collaborative discussions, we will assess together whether additional developments are needed for your project. Following this evaluation, we will present a comprehensive plan tailored to address and enhance the specific requirements identified during our conversation.

Step 3

Following our analysis of the proposed plan, we proceed to draft specific strategies & goals for the current or upcoming growing season. This marks the beginning of the transformation process for your horticultural project, propelling it towards enhanced sustainability and increased profitability



Consultancy as a Service

Consulting as a Service (CaaS) is an agile support framework that gives you access to our expert consultants for both ongoing support and specific projects.
At STEP, CaaS gives you access to our entire team of consultants at a set rate. Clients choose the type of support they need and we start right away. Then we make adjustments as our client’s support needs change over time.

Case Studies

STEP team can offer tailor made “Case Study” solutions. This is an in-depth, detailed examination of a particular case (or cases) within a real-world context.

The goal is to provide our clients a comprehensive report backed with theory and real testing from the horticultural industry.

Business Plan

STEP has developed a user-friendly and visualized software tool which provides a professional and precise business plan report about your CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) project including profitability assessment.

Our goal is to enable the potential investors to make educated decisions by offering them the tools to do so – high quality, detailed feasibility study with financial analysis.

Yes, that simple- STEP by STEP.


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